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Christina Ricci Goes Bang

For bang maintenance, in between cuts, Prive’s Guy Romeo gave client Christina Ricci a step by step tutorial for styling and go. 6 Steps For Perfect Bangs: When the bangs are wet, pull hair back into a pony tail. Comb bangs from eyebrow arch to eyebrow arch to form a point side up triangle (should

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Celebrities Favorite Hairstyle “THE PONYTAIL”

Whether you wear it high, low, middle, or to the side, the Ponytail has become more than just a casual Beach Barbie look. 50′s beauty icon Sandra Dee wore it, 60′s icon Bridget Bardot gave it a little poof and inspired by Playboy bunnies, she wore it into 2 low ponytails. Then in the 70′s,

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MEN: Removing Hair Product Buildup

With continuous wear, hair pomade, hair wax, hair clay and grooming cream tends to build up and be very stubborn to remove. Here are a few tricks that can help remove the buildup from your hair and leave it feeling soft again.First, when in the shower before wetting your hair, add shampoo to the hands

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