Celebrities Favorite Hairstyle “THE PONYTAIL”

Whether you wear it high, low, middle, or to the side, the Ponytail has become more than just a casual Beach Barbie look. 50′s beauty icon Sandra Dee wore it, 60′s icon Bridget Bardot gave it a little poof and inspired by Playboy bunnies, she wore it into 2 low ponytails. Then in the 70′s, Wonder Woman’s Linda Carter made it popular with a simple chic pulled back style. Texture came to play in the 80′s with Madonna‘s very high up messy pony, while in the 90′s, “Sex and the City” fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker brought back a one sided looser casual ponytail. Finally, in the early 2000′s, ponytails became more braided and super textured out.


As seen on the 2013 Spring Fashion Shows, we will be seeing a more low, sleek, flat ironed, clean ponytail become popular on the red carpet, which can easily translated to everyday wear.


Tips on achieving the perfect ponytail: Never use a rubber band when making a ponytail with wet hair. This will cause some hair to break. Ponytails are better on somewhat dirtier hair.

Start by smoothing the hair with a hair brush into the direction of the pony with at least 5-7 strokes. Then at the base of the ponytail, wrap with a hair band that looks like a mini bungee cord with two hooks on either end, which will give you a tight secure hold. Then proceed to either smooth again for a sleek updated look. You may also lightly wave it for a sexy wavy ponytail.

You can also try braiding the ponytail, which will give you a more textured look like we saw on Lucy Liu at the 2013 Golden Globes.

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