Christina Ricci Goes Bang

For bang maintenance, in between cuts, Prive’s Guy Romeo gave client Christina Ricci a step by step tutorial for styling and go.

6 Steps For Perfect Bangs:

  • When the bangs are wet, pull hair back into a pony tail.
  • Comb bangs from eyebrow arch to eyebrow arch to form a point side up triangle (should not go further than an inch into the hairline), out of the way and hold hair out in between fingers.
  • Take scissors and hold them parallel to the floor.
  • Cut hair below fingers in a straight line.
  •  When wet, leave 1/2 inch longer then desired lenght. When dry, best if you style hair first trim.
  •  Drop remaining hair- bend by point cutting (think of a picket fence) Ricci tried this at home and the next time Romeo saw her, she had perfect bangs.

•    Take your time
•    You can always trim more if needed, you cannot always add if nedded!!
•    For wet, wavy, curly and/or resistant hair- mix a dime size of relaxing gel and a drop of shine serum
•    Already styled, dry, normal to wavy hair- weightless amplifier.

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